Thursday, 25 August 2016  
EA admits Battlefield 1 might fall short of previous games in one department


In a strange twist of events, it seems EA executives dont see Battlefield 1 as the CoD killer everyone was hoping for.

Titanfall 2 Devs Are Making Huge Changes Before The Release Of The Full Game, List Of Changes


ThisGenGaming says "After the huge backlash from the Titanfall 2 tech test, the developers of Titanfall 2 have assured fans that changes will be coming to the final game. Here are the following fixes and changes coming to the main game.

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Afterfate Trailer


AFTERFATE is a Post-Apocalyptic Open World RPG. The game takes place in ravaged and devastating world after a huge nuclear cataclysm. Society has fallen into despair and the few humans who survived have regrouped into different factions and locations. Read more & vote over on their pitch page now:

F1 2016 TV Spot
Zombasite v0.942 Demo for Windows
MapleStory Europe v118 Client
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3DMark Windows v2.1.2852 Installer
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